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Vujcic for Mayor


As the newly minted South Ward Councillor, I took an oath in 2019 to “duly, honestly and with integrity fulfill the duties of the office for the people.”


Some highlights in my journey as an elected member standing up for ratepayers and residents in 20/21. 


  1. Actively opposed ratepayer funded inducements of $1.3m to a hospitality operator who put up a proposal for the civic centre

  2. Continued  commitment for the CAT bus service to be restored

  3. Pushed for Council to honour its commitment on speed humps following 45kph speed limit

  4. Opposed Rate increases

  5. Personally found and revealed the $8.5m loss and devaluation of land assets by $59m for Y20/21, a huge disappointment for ratepayers

  6. Created the Festival of Lights event. An epic and a strong finish to 2020.  The festival brought over 20,000 people from all over the metro area to South Fremantle. A visitor said that this event was the best since “Highway to Hell”

My performance as a Councillor reflects the Oath of Office.  My dedication is not conflicted with politics, ideology nor career aspiration to be somewhere else in a few years.

As your next Mayor, I have a vision for a future as strong as our past.  I’ve got Freo’s Back! 

A vote for Vujcic is a vote for:

  • Commitment to ratepayers

  • Improved community safety and security

  • Innovative approach to homelessness

  • Financial transparency and good governance

  • Focus on business and jobs

  • Promote tourism, preserve heritage and culture 

Your feedback and ideas help to support me as your elected member.

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