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  • Marija Vujcic

Transparency a must for Ratepayers and Residents

It is interesting that Roel Loopers has only just noticed my February facebook post on “transparency” relating to the Tent City incident. Something must have happened this morning to trigger Roel’s hunt for something controversial so that he can throw a few punches. Something to make her look bad in the eyes of ratepayers and residents.

Perhaps he came across the questions that I emailed the City this morning asking for transparency regarding the Kings Square project and asking for an emergency elected members meeting. After all, the gates are locked at our Civic Centre and Pindan has gone. I consider this matter, just like Tent City, having serious financial implications for the ratepayers and residents of this city. Does this sound familiar?

Roel has likened the Council to a football team with its own rules and suggests that I joined this club but reject the rules of the game. Fifty-two percent of South Ward ratepayers and residents placed their trust in me because I did not belong to a club.

Asking for transparency to apply to informal elected member meetings on Monday evening is not big brother. It is fair dinkum Australian, and a tradition that defines our democracy. In my eighteen months on Council, I am yet to see ordinary ratepayers and residents being invited to discuss their problems and concerns at these informal meetings. Perhaps they are not as important as other groups and individuals who come and go.

It is very difficult to persuade a club to change their rules when the members are one eyed and devoted to an outcome.

My facebook posts are feedback to ratepayers and residents, no need to leak to Streetwise, the information is in the public domain.

The elected member oath requires Councillor Vujcic to represent her constituents and to act in their best interests in all matters.


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