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Fremantle Shipping News - Interview with Marija Vujcic (2021)

Fremantle Shipping News has released their 2021 Mayoral podcast interview with Marija Vujcic.

"The Shipping News is a great believer in seeing democracy in action and is pleased to bring the voices of the candidates directly to you in our podcast interviews.

We first met and interviewed Marija over a year ago as part of our Governing Freo-style interviews with the then Freo Mayor and all 12 Councillors.

At that time Marija was a Councillor on Freo Council. Now she’s an aspiring Mayor.

Marija kindly agreed to meet with our editor, Michael Barker, to discuss her campaign for Mayor, why she’s standing, and her vision for Freo; and a whole lot more."

Listen to Fremantle Shipping News' interview with Marija here:

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