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  • Marija Vujcic

Festival City of Australia

In my latest interview with The Herald, I talk about my plans to make Fremantle the "Festival City of Australia".

Read the interview below:

As your next Mayor I have a vision for a future as strong as our past.

Fremantle is blessed

Our City is blessed with significant tourist infrastructure surrounding Port, Rail, Bus, Road and River transport. Few Cities in Western Australia can match our offering when supported by our committed hospitality providers, retailers, small business owners and our creative artists working with Council to deliver significant events.

Fremantle in the past has drawn thousands of people into the city to celebrate events which has sustained our economy and provided much needed jobs. Under my leadership Fremantle will be the Festival City of Australia. We will attract and welcome thousands of local, national and post covid, international tourists to these events.

The City of Festivals

In my first two years of office, we will develop a Festival Strategy to identify what is unique to Fremantle and what quirky, cutting-edge festivals will be attracted to our City.

We will begin work immediately with the establishment of a City of Festivals Board to be the engine room of collaboration between state government, business, hospitality, retailers, events professionals, community, the artists, innovators, and the talented entrepreneurs to get this City moving to better times. Everyone will have skin in the game to make the City of Festivals work. The ratepayers will benefit from the positive cash flow and the Council will

have more to spend on basic services.

Our festival future will reinvigorate Fremantle and this energy will attract more people to live, work and enjoy our beautiful heritage City.

Festival already delivered

In October 2020 I created with a small band of locals and with council’s help the Festival of Lights which brought over 20,000 people to South Fremantle. The best event since “Highway to Hell” was the feedback. The event was delivered with very limited resources. Just image what we can achieve with a Fremantle wide vision that will deliver multiple festivals over a year.

I am the Mayor for the people and by the people. Leadership is not only about making tough decisions but also about listening and keeping an open mind. I will collaborate with key stakeholders and the community for this vision to become a reality from day one.

A vote for Vujcic for Mayor is a vote for change and moving our city forward to a bright future.


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