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  • Marija Vujcic

Declaration of nomination for Mayor of Fremantle

Today, in front of the iconic Fremantle Town Hall, amongst a group of locals, I declared my nomination for Mayor of Fremantle.

Since my appointment as South Ward Councillor in 2019, I have honoured the oath I took to “duly, honestly and with integrity fulfill the duties of the office for the people.”

As your next Mayor my performance and independence are already established. My pledge to Fremantle is leadership that will bring balance and commitment to ratepayers and residents. I will work hard to engage with all key stakeholders to move Freo forward in bringing back a safe and revitalised city for all. I have a vision for a future as strong as our past.

I was not alone today however, I stood not just as an individual but as part of a new independent team with the credentials and life experiences that are required to go back to community expectations.

Our team, the 'Independents for Change', consists of:

Steven Pynt, a commercial lawyer with a thriving practice in Fremantle for over a decade, who is a candidate for the South Ward.

Craig Ross, a professional chartered Accountant with 30 years of national and international experience with Price Waterhouse, who is a candidate for the City Ward.

Jason Amaranti, a metallurgist and mineral processing innovator with a business in O’Connor, who is a candidate for the Hilton Ward.

Together, this team will bring back balance and support to a disconnected council with our vision and credentials for moving Freo forward to better times. We have Freo's back.

This is a historic moment in our local history. This election is fundamentally about choice. The choice is more of the same or an opportunity for us all to move Freo forward with courage and determination.

Vote Vujcic in the October Fremantle Council Election, and vote for change.


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