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My Story


My grandfather Ante Vujcic came to Fremantle in 1920s from the former Yugoslavia. He left his wife and four

children for a better life and opportunity.  My family due to historical events which impacted on their lives went back to the old country, got stuck due to war, and waited for the next generation to bring out the family.

I grew up in the Goldfields and Fremantle.  My working class parents worked hard and brought up their children to value the work ethic and to always give back to your community.  For the past 20 years I worked hard to develop a professional career first in Education and later as a Human Resource Consultant working on major resource projects.  My life in South Fremantle has involved raising four beautiful children, and being an active community member and enjoying the South Fremantle lifestyle when time permits.

I ran for South Ward three times, winning in 2019.  As an Independent elected member, my commitment is representing ratepayers and residents and to work for the provision of strong local services.  I support going back to the basics of local services; security, rubbish collection, roads, parks, clean and well lite streets. It is important that ratepayers and residents are provide with transparency, good financial management and governance.  As an independent I am not affiliated with any political party or ideology that takes me away from my representation of ratepayers and residents of the beautiful City of Fremantle.

For a more in depth outline of my experience as South Ward Councillor and of my views on a range of issues in the Fremantle area please visit the Fremantle Shipping News website where you'll find my interview with their editor, Michael Barker: Interview with Marija Vujcic

"Fremantle is a diverse and inclusive community that works hard and celebrates our unique coastal and inner city lifestyle"

- Councillor Marija Vujcic - South Ward & Fremantle

Our Mission

Fremantle Council

Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia that's part of the Perth metropolitan area. It's known for its maritime history and beautiful Victorian architecture.  The City's population is approximately 30,000 residents.  

The City of Fremantle Council has 13 elected members - 12 councillors and the mayor.


The elected members represent 6 wards - City,  Hilton, Beaconsfield, East, North and South. Two elected members per ward rotating every 2 years.

Councillor Marija Vujcic was elected for the South Ward  in October 2019 to 2023.


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What do I stand for?

I am an independent elected member.  This means that I am not aligned to any political party nor ideology. My purpose on Council is not a stepping stone to state or federal politics  nor a strategic career move.

In 2019 I was voted in South Ward with 52% of the vote on a campaign of local issues.  This means local services - libraries, rubbish, roads, street lighting, public facilities, drains and the upkeep of our splendid heritage buildings. 

My role as an elected member is to scrutinize and to represent the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of Fremantle.  This means that full and open transparency and disclosure on financial management is paramount if there is to be trust between the council, the administration and the ratepayers and residents.


My oath of office....."having being elected to the office of Councillor of the City of Fremantle, declare that I take the office upon myself and will duly, honestly and with integrity fulfill the duties of the office for the people in the district according to the best of my judgement and ability, and will observe the Local Government (rules of conduct) and regulations 2007" 


Your feedback and ideas help to support me as your elected member.

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